Protest! and Vote!

We’ve got some beautiful protest photos to share today, but first, we need to voice a plea.

Like so many other institutions, we depend on funding from external sources.  To keep our goal of strengthening the archives and preservation program at Visual Communications, we are participating in the Chase Community Bank Giving Campaign, a grant giving campaign to hundreds of charities.  However– the catch is that the funding is dependent on votes– so we need your help to win!

Please visit, like the page, and vote for Visual Communications (search for Southern California Asian American Studies Central). Voting is from September 6-19, 2012!

Thank you for your time and investment as we continue to create a space for creative content by and about Asian Americans to foster a more diverse and engaged society.
You have 2 opportunities to vote:
  • Through the Chase Community Giving app on Facebook
  • Via your Chase online account if you bank with Chase

Indeed, the more votes we get, the greater the funds we may receive. But Chase Community Giving makes it possible for people all around the world to know who we are and the exciting programs we are producing, such as the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Armed with a Camera Fellowship, and one of the largest photographic and moving image repository of 20th century Asian American experience.

Now, here are those protest photos that we’ve dug up:

Please vote for us.  Your help keeps us on the path to making our archival materials accessible!

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