The most popular guy on Facebook

Everyone knows who the most popular guy is on Facebook.

George Takei.

He’s funny, showcases interesting and funny bits of the internet on his Facebook page, and is an activist for a variety of causes, including gay marriage.  Another issue close to his heart is the redress for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.  As a child, Takei was interned along with his family in Camp Rowher, Arkansas and Tule Lake in Utah.  He currently stars in a musical based on the internment experience titled Allegiance — A New American Musical, which is described as an “epic story of family, love and patriotism set during the Japanese American internment of World War II.”  And did we mention that it’s a musical!?

Takei’s activism is by no means a recent endeavor.  We found some photos of him in our photo holdings at a Vietnam War demonstration.  Thanks to Mike Murase, we have the information behind these photos.  The march had dual purposes– it was partly in reaction to the mainstream activists adopting slogans such as “Bring the Boys Home!” that implied the goal was to save Americans from involvement in the war and to save their lives without addressing the suffering and death and destruction of Vietnamese people. It was also to address racism within the ranks of the anti-war forces.

Anti-Vietnam war march on Wilshire Boulevard toward MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, circa 1970.

Left to right: George Takei, unknown (please let us know if you know!), and Mike Murase. Circa 1970.

It’s fascinating to hear about celebrities’ “other” lives.  It reminds us that they aren’t just celebrities, but people with many dimensions to them, just like anyone else.

Many thanks to Mike Murase for the background information of these photos!


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