A Family History

Visual Communications is celebrating Filipino American History Month with a weekly series showcasing Filipino American images from the Vault.

This week, we are kicking off with images of a Filipino interracial family.

History: The first wave of Filipino immigrants in the early 20th C. were mostly males who worked as migrant laborers along the West Coast. At the time, the ratio between Filipino males to females was 14:1.  As a result, interracial unions and marriages were common occurrences for Filipinos who wanted to start families. Ultimately, these interracial families became solid foundations for Filipino American communities. Though these couples endured criticism and condemnation through anti-miscegenation laws and the prevailing notions against interracial marriages, they overcame these sentiments as their unions were based on understanding, acceptance, and love.

Below are images of a bond between a Filipino man and black woman, their daughter, and their extended families circa 1950s and 60s.





    • Thanks, Cassandra. Families are so diverse now that I’m sure your comment resonates with a lot of people!

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