We’ve joined Historypin!

We’ve joined Historypin!  A global, interactive online archive for individuals, libraries, archives, museums and other cultural and historical organizations, it’s a great access point for people to discover new material.  If you love history, photographs, or stories, you’ll enjoy its features.

The Historypin Front Page.

Anyone can join Historypin, but you don’t need an account to view anything.  Here’s our profile!

After creating a profile, users can then create collections of photographs that revolve around specific topics.   Our first collection is “The Founders of Visual Communications” which is just that—photographs of our founders.

Historypin also creates artificial collections, meaning that they allow multiple users to submit photos to one collection.  For instance, many users contributed photos to a “Grandparents” collection.  It’s a great way for people to discover new organizations and what’s in their collections!

Each photo posted, or “pinned,” requires metadata, or data about data (otherwise, it will not be visible).  Users are required to include a date (approximate dates are okay) and a location.  Locations can include specific addresses, or more generic locations like a city.  This is very important; it provides context to every photograph.

In this particular photo of Duane Kubo, you can view a description of the photo, information about Duane, the approximate date of the photo, and location.

The coolest feature (in this archivist’s opinion) is the geomapping of the photos—Historypin uses Google Maps to “pin” photos on a map—and if an exact address is provided, Historypin overlays the pinned photos with the current Google Maps Streetview photo, so you can see a side-by-side comparison of the location!  Amazing.

Follow our Historypin.  We’re looking forward to adding collections to our page!

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