Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is soon approaching, and that means the beginning of the holiday season (and tons of food) is here!  For some Asian American families, the menu can be a mishmash of both traditional Thanksgiving dishes– like turkey and cranberry sauce– in addition to some traditional cultural foods.  For instance– rice.  Rice was always available at our home, even on Thanksgiving Day!  And don’t forget the ever-present Kimchi.

The somewhat recent (at least past several years) of Asian and Western cuisines makes this next dish more palatable.  Last week, NPR interviewed Debbie Lee, restaurateur and author on her interesting and creative dish, Kimchi Mashed Potatoes.


Actually, that sounds good to me… yum!

Apparently, this wasn’t the creation of years and years of culinary skill, but by accident.

Lee’s grandmother would bring a jar of kimchi — a Korean spicy pickle, usually cabbage, to Thanksgiving every year. And Lee had to put some on her plate, to be polite. “For some reason I would follow my brother’s suit, and so Robbie would put it right next to his mashed potatoes and I’d do the same, so the juice from the kimchi would end up going to the mashed potatoes, and I’d start stirring it.”

Yum.  I’m sure that many delicious concoctions have resulted from runaway Kimchi juice.

Try that recipe for this Thanksgiving– make it a new tradition.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Girl and her Grandfather at the Thanksgiving Table, from the Japanese American Photo Collection.


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