A gift from our archives for our donors– thank you!

At the tail end of 2012, Visual Communications embarked on a fundraising campaign to support our programs, including our archives and preservation activities.  Funds are needed for the immense amount of work that lies ahead of us—digitizing, cataloging, and creating access records is a tedious process that requires dedicated resources.  Even proper archival storage and handling demands the specific and costly resources.  For example, the large bulk of our moving image collection is kept in offsite cold storage.  While we need offsite storage for the lack of space in our own offices, we need cold storage to ensure that we are keeping our unique materials in the best possible conditions without fluctuating temperatures.  Cold storage (in addition to a host of other conditions) helps us ensure that deterioration is stalled and that the materials will be available for future generations. 

To celebrate our archival materials and to thank our generous donors, we are giving a gift from the archives in return for their generosity—although not unique or original materials, of course!

Mugs for our donors-- thank you!  Photo courtesy of Michelle Ko.

Mugs for our donors– thank you! Photo courtesy of Michelle Ko.

  • For $125 and above, donors will receive the above mug donning a historical print from our holdings of an anti-Vietnam War protest on January 17, 1970 in Little Tokyo. Demonstrators assembled at the old Union Church (now the Union Center for the Arts) and marched through the streets of Little Tokyo.  A Rally was held in front of the old Sun Building on Weller Street. Speakers included Monique Truong, the daughter of South Vietnamese political prisoner Truong Dinh Dzu, Yuji Ichioka, Warren Furutani and Issei minister Sozaburo Watanabe. Estimated number of participants was 200.
  • For $250 and above, donors will receive a black and white matte 8×12” unframed print of 1970s LA Chinatown from our archives.
Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 6.36.51 PM

The digital print doesn’t do it justice.

  • For $500 and above, donors will receive the mug, unframed print, and one of the following two books: Moving the Image and Shôson Nagahara’s Lament in the Night

To all our donors, thank you so much for your support and enjoy your new goods!


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