Join the VC family– apply for a VC internship

Every summer, VC is lucky to receive Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Interns.  VC interns spend the whole summer with us, absorbing the diversity of snacks and other goodies in the Little Tokyo area in Downtown LA while learning about the interwoven histories of Little Tokyo, Asian America, and Visual Communications.  This year, we have two Getty internships available– an Exhibitions Program Associate Intern and an ARCHIVES ASSOCIATE INTERNSHIP!

If you’re an undergraduate student who is enjoys archives, or thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in information science, this is a great internship for you.  At VC, you’ll learn how to arrange, process, catalog and digitize collections; you’ll learn about basic preservation needs and standards. You’ll also learn how to make materials accessible to the public and aid discoverability through online portals like Historypin, this blog, and Facebook.  The archives’ goal is to promote Asian American Pacific Islanders in the historical record.

Last year’s Getty archives intern, Kim Zarate, is now working as a Collections Assistant at the UC Riverside/California Museum of Photography; read her testimonial here:

What I enjoyed about my internship at VC was the opportunity to learn more about Asian Pacific Islander history through the VC archives and interacting with other organizations and the local community.  My main project was processing the Japanese American Citizens League Redress Collection, which contains video of oral histories and testimonies of those involved with the redress campaign for Japanese Americans interned during World War II.  Interning at VC provided me with not only knowledge of audiovisual archival practices, but the understanding of what it means to provide access to the stories found within archives and collections.

Although I’ve praised the Archives Internship, please read about the Exhibitions Program Internship as well.  Check out this link here for more information about both positions, and email your CVs and cover letters to!


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