Learn about Gidra

By Kassy Saeppunh

Gidra was a progressive student newspaper publication created by a group of UCLA students in April 1969. These articles focused mainly focused on Asian American issues both past and present. The students took the name from “Ghidorah,” a villain from the Godzilla story who was portrayed as the enemy, but was really only trying to survive. The creators of Gidra compared Ghidorah to Asian American youth facing injustices in their own communities.


Courtesy of DiscoverNikkei

Gidra touched on many different topics but mainly focused on political and cultural issues in the U.S. and the Asian American Movement occurring at the time. It was a collaboration of many passionate individuals and students who cared about the Asian American community and personally connected with the stories. Although Gidra did discuss the impacts of war, particularly World War II and the Vietnam War, they also sought to create a newer and more positive perspective of Asian American history that they could also be proud of. The final issue of Gidra was published in April of 1974, five years after its first printing.

If you’re interested in viewing copies of Gidra, we have them at the VC office– just be sure to make an appointment!




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