October is American Archives Month

October is Filipino History Month. It’s also LGBT History Month.  And don’t forget about Walktober.
It’s also.. American Archives Month!

October is the official month when archives and archivists spread the word about how important archives are and how much we love them.  To illustrate, here are two of my favorite quotes about archives:

Without documents; no history. Without history; no memory. Without memory; no greatness. Without greatness; no development among women. – Mary Ritter Beard

It is more arduous to honor the history of the nameless than that of the renowned. Historical reconstruction is devoted to the memory of the nameless. – Walter Benjamin

To celebrate, we have several things going on:

2013VC_archivesmonthWe’re highlighting some of the Asian American trailblazers who “made their mark” on the Asian Pacific American experience. We’ve already posted filmmaker Tad Nakamura’s post about how he became a filmmaker.  You can tell us how you’ve made your mark– each week we’ll ask a different question and invite you to submit your thoughts and photos.  We’ll post the results on our Facebook page.

If you haven’t already, please fill out our brief archives survey. To continue preserving Asian American stories and experiences, we ask for your valuable feedback on our efforts, direction, and why Visual Communications is important to you. We believe if Asian Americans do not actively document their communities, they pass up a unique opportunity to include Asian Pacific American experiences in the historical record. Don’t you agree? We do have a prize, too!

We’ll be at the LA Archives Bazaar at USC on Saturday, October 12th from 9 am to 5 pm. Come say hello, and meet the many other organizations documenting LA history. This year they’re featuring a Archives Roadshow:

Inspired by the Antiques Roadshow, this all-day, interactive session encourages attendees to bring in historical materials like documents and photographs, get them assessed for their preservation needs by experts from the LAPnet: Los Angeles Preservation Network and then digitized and placed on a USB drive to take home. The Society of California Archivists and History Associates will also be on deck to provide research help and references to Archives Bazaar exhibitors.

That sounds fun, amirite?

LAASBAlso, check out VC’s photo on the California State Archives poster. It’s the one on the top right!  Eddie Wong took this photo of these cannery workers at Terminal Island.

2013_AM_CSHappy Weekend, and happy archives!

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