Meet Robin, our summer intern!

picture_robinHello to everyone! My name is Robin Chang, and I’m fortunate enough to join Visual Communications this summer as an archival intern with the Getty Multicultural Program. I currently attend UCLA, where I am pursuing two degrees in Asian American Studies and Asian Studies. Some of my interests include Korean diaspora studies, Korean folklore, and integrating what I’ve learned into my fiction writing. I’m presently looking into graduate school to work towards becoming an archivist, and hopefully one day, an author.

For quite a few years now, I’ve been actively pursuing ways to contribute to equitable portrayals of Asian American people in different forms of media. However, it was only when I started working at UCLA’s Department of Special Collections that I realized what a precious resource archives are—not only to researchers and scholars, but also to anyone and everyone who’s utilized information services. Like many people, it had never fully occurred to me that someone was organizing the information neatly stacked in the library catalogs. Unfortunately, I also came to the realization that there are very few collections dedicated to Asian American experiences. Hearing that VC had collections on Asian American histories, I knew that I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

During my time here, I would like most to learn the practices and knowledge required for sustainable preservation of materials regarding Asian Pacific American Experiences. The archival knowledge that I have so far has only barely scratched the surface and has largely been in an academic, research-oriented setting, so I look forward to working with Helen, VC’s own archivist, to gain a perspective on the value of archives in grassroots organizations like VC. I really appreciate the opportunity that’s been afforded to me, and plan on making the most of the experience with Helen and the rest of the staff and interns this summer. Keep an eye out for more things to come!

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