Goodbye Robin!

So the summer comes to an end, and I leave VC saddled with much more knowledge than I came here with. My ten weeks here flew by, and words cannot express enough how grateful I am to have gotten this experience. Not only did I learn so much about archives, I got to meet amazing people, including my fellow summer interns, Helen, and the rest of the staff.

I worked on so many different projects this summer that I feel like I truly got a well-rounded introduction to archives. I started out by learning the basics about metadata and archival practices before I got to apply those learnings to my work. I got to handle several types of audiovisual formats, something that I was really eager to do. I got to work with materials such as 3/4″ U-matic tapes, mini-DVs, cassette tapes, and VHS tapes. I even got a chance to go through the digitization process with the U-matic tapes to help complete the Amerasians: Media and the Arts collection that a previous intern worked on. For my final project, I got to encode two finding aids for the Willie Funakoshi Collection and the Little Tokyo Redevelopment Collection, which allowed me to contribute to the Online Archive of California! In addition to the archives experience, I was exposed to the valuable work a non-profit like VC does within the Asian American community.


After all this excitement, I have to leave and return to the world outside of VC, where I’ll be preparing for grad school (in information studies), returning to my work at the Special Collections Department at UCLA, and hopefully relaxing before school starts up again. No matter where I end up in the future, I know that my experiences will have a lasting impact on my life. Thanks for everything, Visual Communications! Let’s hope that this experience isn’t our last.

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